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Enchanted Treehouse

Policies / FAQ

We have tried to anticipate questions you might have about our treehouses and policies, then provide the answers here. If you need additional information send us an e-mail at


We encourage making your reservations online because availability and confirmations can be completed more quickly and accurately online. However, if you need help, we will be happy to make your reservation by phone. You may call the office at 479-244-6231 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Our treehouses are always booked weeks or months in advance, even during the slow season, so we do not take drop-ins. You need to book your treehouse in advance. Be aware that more than one person may attempt to enter a reservation for the same Treehouse for the same day at the same time. The one that goes through first gets the room. If you wait to do it by phone, someone else may book the room first.

Reservations can be booked online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just check the “Availability” calendar and click on the date you would like to arrive. You will be walked through the reservation process. The Availability calendar will show if the treehouse is available for the date you want. If it is booked, it will show "occupied". A two-night minimum is now required on all reservations except when only a single night is available.


We can take reservations up to 24 months in advance. Reservations are encouraged as far in advance as possible as we are filling up quickly. Please check our Availability Calendar to see the most updated information. Our calendars are very accurate and update in real-time as people are booking. If there is an opening for your selected dates, it will show the treehouse & price. If there are no matches, it gives you the opportunity to add yourself to the wait list if you want to. If you scroll to the bottom it will show you available openings, grid style, to see if there is something else open close to the dates you wanted.


Our prices vary based on the treehouse. We do not charge any fees, just normal taxes. Our prices are shown on the reservation page on the calendars (click on "Book A Stay").

Cleaning Fee

If excessive cleaning is required, you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee. We only ask for simple courtesy. If you spill something in the treehouse or the fridge, please clean it up. If you use dishes, please wash them and make sure they are dry when you put them back. Please don't leave trash and debris strewn about the treehouse. Just put your trash in the trash can provided. If you cook and grease splatters, please clean it up. Dish soap and a broom are provided. If you moved the furniture for some reason, please put it back before you leave. We don't expect you to clean everything, just to be courteous. The treehouses are very nice and we would like to keep them that way, so please leave them the way you would like your guests to leave your property.

We still come in after you and change out all the linens, vacuum, dust, and sanitize all surfaces. This takes about an hour and fifteen minutes per treehouse. We are a small family business with only one or sometimes two people to handle all the cleaning and repairs. Your help and thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Check-In and Check-Out

Please make sure our office has your current cell phone number & that your cell phone is turned on the day of your arrival. We will call you on the DAY OF ARRIVAL with check-in instructions. We are onsite daily. We are available to answer calls from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our office number is 479-244-6231. Check-out is before 11:00 a.m.


We get requests from people wanting to tour a treehouse before making a reservation. We are not able to do this. Our treehouses are booked most of the time & with Covid-19 restrictions, this simply isn't possible. Also, we usually do not have time to do this. We have lots of photos of the inside of our treehouses on our website & our Facebook page. Honestly, if you were going to book a stay in Cancun you wouldn't run down to tour the lodging before booking. Also, we have a sign next to the office that says "Guests only beyond this point". This means "current" guests. We are not trying to be mean. There are practical reasons for not allowing non-guests to drive back to look at the treehouses (you can still see part of them from the office area parking lot without driving back). Reason #1-the lane to the treehouses is a single car lane & fairly tight. If guests are in their parking spots there is nowhere for others to turn around. They will either get stuck or hit a tree trying to back out. This has already happened many, many times. #2-our current guests have paid for privacy & quiet. They have an expectation of this & came to relax. Some of our guests get upset with the drive-bys. We are trying to curb that & may have to install a gate system. #3-simple security reasons. Please be respectful. Even though we are a business, this is still private property. Thank you!


If booking a single night, the full one-night fee is charged as the deposit. If booking 2 or more nights, 50% of the reservation total is charged as the deposit. The remaining balance will be charged to your card TWO WEEKS before your arrival date.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Debit Cards. We do not accept checks or American Express.

When booking a group, please book each treehouse separately. A deposit is required for each treehouse reservation.


In order to cancel or reschedule your reservation we require at least a 14 day notice on reservations of 1, 2, or 3 nights. Reservations of 4 nights or more require a 30 day notice. You pay 50% of your reservation when you book it and the remaining balance 14 days before your arrival date. If you cancel at least 14 days (or 30 days for longer stays) before your arrival date, you can receive a refund of 50% of the reservation total minus a $50 processing fee. If the reservation has already been paid in full, that's a return of your original deposit minus a $50 processing fee. If you cancel LESS than 14 days (30 days for longer stays), then you can not receive any refund unless we are able to rebook all your days. If we can get the dates rebooked we will either refund you or let you move your reservation at that time.

We understand that unexpected things can come up last minute, but please understand that once we have reserved a date for you, it has been taken off the market for others to book. We decline other requests for those dates. People book our treehouses weeks, months, even a year or more in advance. If you cancel on short notice, it can be very difficult for us to re-book it last minute. Once that date has passed, we can no longer sell it. Therefore, our policy is intended to be fair to our guests, but we must also protect our income. If you cancel on short notice, the only way we can help you is if we are able to re-book your reservation.

If you book a treehouse less than 2 weeks before your arrival date, you have 2 hours to cancel from the time of your reservation. After the 2 hours, our normal less than two weeks policy applies. NO REFUNDS for EARLY DEPARTURES, NO SHOWS, and SAME-DAY cancellations. A RESERVATION FOR 4 OR MORE DAYS MUST BE CANCELLED ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE.

Weather Cancellation Policy

If you think you might have a difficult time getting out from the area where you live if it snows, then we suggest not making a reservation for the winter months. Leave those dates for people who will not have a problem getting here during the winter months (we get a lot of guests from TX & LA who can usually make it here without running into bad road conditions....also, we get guests from Chicago & St. Louis who are very experienced driving in winter weather & feel comfortable driving here). If you are not one of these people, I strongly suggest booking spring, summer, or fall instead. If you book & then decide you can't make it, it can be very difficult for us to rebook those dates last minute & then that hurts our income. We are still a small family business...not some big corporation, so that can be damaging for us.

We will make the determination on the day of your arrival as to weather and road conditions. If the main roads into Eureka Springs are 50% clear, we will consider the roads clear. If you feel that you do not want to come even if the main highway roads are 50% clear then I suggest we cancel your reservation ASAP and open up your room and try to rebook it. If we are successful you can then change your dates. If the road conditions are worse than 50% on the day of your reservation, we will cancel your reservation and change your dates.

These websites can be used to check for road conditions:

AR Road Conditions

MO Road Conditions

OK Road Conditions


Right now ALL treehouses are for 2 ADULTS ONLY. We love children and have a big family of our own, but these are designed for adults only. Someday we hope to be able to offer family/group style treehouses, but we will have to do that at a separate location and with sturdier décor. That will be several years down the road.

If you bring children to the treehouse, you will be asked to leave. Please do not put us in the awkward position of having to ask you to leave. Also, you will NOT receive a refund since we would not be able to re-book the treehouse on such short notice. Thank you for understanding.

Visiting Guests

All our treehouses are designed for 2 adult guests only. They will not accommodate extra guests. Visitors may meet you in the parking area in front of the office. Parties, receptions, and gatherings are not permitted.

Candles, NO Smoking & No Pets

We have a strict NO SMOKING policy. You may smoke on the deck only, but please be sure the doors/windows are closed to keep out odors. If the treehouse smells like cigarettes or marijuana, you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee. Please be aware of smells lingering on your clothing and transferring to the treehouse. Keep weed containers closed when inside the treehouses. The smell is extremely difficult to get rid of, so please be courteous to the guests who are coming in after you.

No Pets are allowed. A $250 cleaning fee is charged if the policy is breached. We are happy to recommend pet-friendly accommodations, but if you bring pets to the treehouse, you will be asked to leave. Please do not put us in the awkward position of having to ask you to leave. Also, you will NOT receive a refund since we would not be able to re-book the treehouse on such short notice (in addition to the $250 fee). Thank you for understanding.


There are LED candles in the treehouses, but if you choose to bring your own candles, please make sure they are votives (in a glass or metal container made for candles). If your candles are not in a glass or metal container (made for candles), the wax may run all over. If we have to clean wax off surfaces (furniture, dishes, the Jacuzzi, etc), you will be charged an additional $150 cleaning fee. It is very difficult to clean off.

Minimum Stay Required

A two-night minimum is required on all reservations except where only a single night is available.


There is a trolley stop at the end of Dogwood Ridge, an easy five-minute walk from the treehouses. You can buy tickets from the driver. They are $6 per adult.


We are located at 70 Dogwood Ridge, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. From West Van Buren, we are just west of the Rowdy Beaver Restaurant. Turn south onto Dogwood Ridge, next to the Sunset Cabins. We are at the end of Dogwood Ridge (2/10 of a mile). We are close to amenities, but it feels remote and private.

Enchanted Treehouses

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