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About Us

My husband Keith and I started talking about building treehouses in 2012. It took three years to get to the point where we could actually start building them. We built the office ourselves and Holloway Construction built the treehouses for us. We did some of the finish work ourselves.  I have taught kindergarten for many years, so for me, fairy tale recreations was a natural way to go. Everyone has so much stress in their lives nowadays, it seems like everyone is looking for a way to unplug and relax. We all want to reconnect with our loved ones, with ourselves, and just recharge....have some fun and enjoy what's around us. Everyone needs a little of that from time to time. Keith is a high school special education teacher. He does a very tough job and loves it! But neither of us is getting any younger and we are extremely active people, so we intend to work through our "senior" years. Renting treehouses, creating fun, inviting spaces, and meeting lots of new people seemed like the thing to do. For us it's an adventure and if we can help someone else with their adventure in the process then so much the better. We hope you will come visit us and we hope you enjoy Enchanted Treehouses as much as we do. ~Tina & Keith Patterson

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